About Chris Haydon

Chris Haydon is a film critic and journalist from the humble and terribly quiet town of Whitstable, Kent - a place so tiny, we have only just been granted a Wetherspoon's. 

Chris has a BA (Hons) degree in Film and Screen Studies which he obtained from the University of Brighton. As well as running and writing for Haydon's Movie House, he also supplies his work to The Upcoming, Coming Soon, Nerditorial, Den of Geek! and other online/print media.

As well as being a movie know-it-all, Chris also enjoys nattering about football, watching and studying wildlife,  finding pointless videos on YouTube and drinking the finest teas. 

His favourite films include 'Manhattan', 'Cache' ('Hidden'), 'Juno', 'Groundhog Day', 'Toy Story', and 'Stand by Me'. 

Chris is getting closer and closer to fulfilling his dream job as a professional film critic - he is finally getting a bit of notice now and is frequently attending press screenings and events with other fellow critics but he is desperate to hit the big time and you lot can help.

Haydon's Movie House has a loyal but small readership and Chris would love for it to expand. If you like/dislike what you read, please feel free to comment on posts, nag him on Twitter (@Haydonsmovies) or e-mail him personally. Chris would also appreciate more followers so get your Yahoo!/GMail accounts at the ready and dive into Haydon's Movie House.

The more readers the site gets, the more content can be provided and things like events, competitions and screenings can be arranged so get involved!