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Who do you Think Should Direct the New 'Superman' Picture?

Who Should Direct The Man of Steel's Next Outing?

The shortlist of directors for the next 'Superman' project have finally been announced. Clark Kent has stayed on the small-screen throughout the Noughties with Alfred Gough and Miles Miller's amazing show 'Smallville' (2001-2011) and he's only had the one big-screen outing in Bryan Singer's brilliant 'Superman Returns' in 2006.

 With the success of DC Comics movies over the last decade ('Batman Begins', 'The Dark Knight' ect.) and with big films due out over the next few months including 'Red' and 'Green Lantern', it was inevitable that 'Superman' would swoop back into the cinema.

 Here are the list of directors who are potential directors for the new movie. After reading the list, post a comment on the blog and let me know who you think would be the best and why!


Duncan Jones (United Kingdom)

- Directed the wonderful Indie Sci-Fi hit 'Moon' which was an incredible achievement and an astonishing debut picture.

- He's young and has a keen eye for detail, character development and narrative formatting.


Tony Scott (United Kingdom)

- Is an Action nut with some of the best modern Actioners under his belt ('Man on Fire', 'True Romance', 'Enemy of the State' ect.) He would feel no pressure with the gravity of this project.

-His older brother Ridley could be a valuable asset to the picture.


Matt Reeves (United States)

- Like Jones, he has made an incredible picture on a tiny budget, 'Cloverfield'. He is also the director of the American Horror re-make, 'Let Me In' which looks more than promising.

- He's young, and he is close with JJ Abrams, who lets face it, would be a brilliant producer for the movie.

Zack Snyder (United States)

- He's used to madness on sets and locations so 'Superman' would be a walk in the park.

- He might love CGI a little too much, but Snyder is a huge fanboy at heart and has already made films that Comic Book fans love ('300', 'Watchmen' and new picture 'Sucker Punch' due early 2011).

Jonathan Liebesman (South Africa)

- Has mainly made fairly poor Horror re-makes but his next film 'Battle: Los Angeles' looks like a real nerve-shredding picture and judging from the trailer, it's directed with real skill.

- He's already been named the director of 'Clash of the Titans 2', so Hollywood clearly trust him with a big project and a huge budget

Darren Aronofsky (United States)

- Aronofsky's filmography is something of genius. With pictures like 'Requiem for a Dream', 'The Wrestler' and 'Black Swan' to his name, he is a truly talented filmmaker who will bring a lot to 'Superman'.

- At heart he's an Art director which could, if applied correctly, make this new 'Superman' the most original yet.

Christopher Nolan (United Kingdom)

- Nolan is the one to beat in Hollywood currently. With such an outstanding filmography including 'Batman Begins', 'The Dark Knight', 'Memento' and 'Inception', it's not too difficult to see that he will probably be DC Comics and Warner Bros. first choice.

- He's already producing the picture so he might decide to sit back on this one and focus on directing the third 'Batman' picture.

So, that's the list, now let me know who you think would be the best! Also let me know who you're choice of Superman, Lois Lane and Lex Luthor would be!

My choices are:

Superman - Tom Welling or Jon Hamm
Lois Lane - Natalie Portman or Rachael McAdams
Lex Luthor - Jackie Earle Hayley, Michael Rosenbaum or Kevin Bacon


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