Friday, 6 April 2012

'Titanic 3D' Review

Titanic 3D (dir: James Cameron, 1997/2012) Cert: 12A

Here's the big question:

Is it really worth paying £10 to see a 194 minute feature that you've already seen with added headache-inducing glasses?

The answer is:


For as long as I can remember, I have prided myself on thinking I didn't like Cameron's Titanic, that is was a typical weepy and immensely over-rated. I blame my boyish ignorance and the lack of cinematic knowledge I had when first seeing the epic blockbuster. 

 Whilst watching Titanic 3D, I felt like I'd never seen it before, as if I was watching with fresh eyes, and for whatever reason, it wrapped me up, cuddled me and then repeatedly punched me in the face and testicles. 

 In fact, I actually loved every darn moment of it (expect for the ghastly Celine Dion track) - it's an emotion one believed could never feel for a film I've judged and so clearly misjudged all along. The scale, the drama and the ever-growing suspense; Cameron's picture sunk (excuse the pun) it's hooks into me and refused to let go.

 Oh, and this is probably the best post-conversion 3D you'll ever see; immersive, subtle and visually entrancing. That was $18 million well spent James...


Rush out to see Titanic whilst you can - it truly deserves a big-screen view. Heck, it's even got Kate Winslet's tits in the third dimension.

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