Tuesday, 12 June 2012

'The Five-Year Engagement' Review

The Five-Year Engagement (dir: Nicholas Stoller, 2012) Cert: 15

Here's how it is.

The Five-Year Engagement is too long; clocking in at 124 minutes, it does begin to outstay it's welcome. The film also isn't entirely sure which genre it wants to reside within - first it's a romantic comedy, followed by a gross-out and then becomes slowly rendered by drama. Jason Segel's latest movie does feel a little messy but in all honesty, does it really matter?


 In truth, the film's imbalanced nature actually makes it feel more authentic, more human; something that is so easily lost in these 'sorts' (for lack of a better word) of pictures. The processes of engagement to marriage must be fragmented, complicated and stressful, but also greatly rewarding, beautiful and harmonious. The Five-Year Engagement is an absolute delight because of this and due to the unmatchable, utterly fantastic chemistry between the two leads who are undoubtedly two of Hollywood's most reliable performers.

Emily Blunt seems to have fantastic screen charisma with virtually every leading man she's stuck with:


Whilst Segel is without doubt the nicest, most charming leading comedic presence working today. You just want to be best friends with him.

Sorry Barney...

 At the end of the day, issues and all, The Five-Year Engagement is one of 2012's best comedy offerings plus it's perfectly acceptable viewing for both genders, couples and singletons. It may not accumulate the same acclaim as Bridesmaids but it's as equally good.

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