Tuesday, 16 October 2012


Every film critic dreams of their first 'proper' review quote used on a film poster or trailer; it's a thing that finally means somewhere out there, distributors recognise you, actually give a shit what you say about their movies, that you are helping the acceleration of the film project in question. Today this happened to me. Whilst browsing YouTube and trailer sites, I came across the new international trailer for my favourite film of 2012, Rust and Bone, a film which I have reviewed twice for Filmoria - once at Cannes and the other a matter of days ago at London Film Festival.

Whilst watching the trailer, I stopped, rewound and lent deep into my iPad screen. Fuck me, I've been quoted. I actually had to double-check that my eyes didn't deceive me but no, my words are there alongside other critics from massive global publications.

I'm obviously thrilled - I've been placed on a film I love so dearly, a movie I want people to embrace, but I'm just as pleased for the site. Filmoria is a wonderful place to work for with some fantastic contributors who all deserve to share this quote with me and to have their words placed on trailers and posters too. The site is worthy of praise and recognition so it would mean a huge deal to me if you readers could do two things: 

1. See Rust and Bone - it's a masterpiece.

2. Visit FILMORIA and view the work of all the brilliant film critics I have the pleasure to work alongside. 

This is a team effort and something that has made me so grateful. Sorry to sound like I'm giving an X Factor sob-story...

Here's the trailer too. Enjoy!

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