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What Should Win at The 83rd Academy Awards

What Should Win at The 83rd Academy Awards
Tonight’s the night when the stars hit the red carpet and flock around hundreds of tables all complimented by disgustingly expensive champagne and enjoy the Oscar ceremony with some hoping they might even get up to the stage and collect a naked golden man. As I’ve said in earlier posts, the winners are pretty obvious, but an awful lot of deserved people and pictures have been forgotten in the waves of publicity the front runners are causing, so I’m going to supply you with my opinion on who and what should win.

Best Picture
‘Inception’ (dir: Christopher Nolan, 2010)

Easily the most original, most accomplished and certainly the bravest picture out of the 10 nominees. This is the best film of 2010 and the likelihood of any film being this good in the near future seems incredibly distant.

Best Leading Actor
Colin Firth – ‘The King’s Speech’

The hype is right; Firth has been long awaiting an Oscar and he completely deserves it for this incredible and unforgettable performance. We Brits certainly know what we’re doing.

Best Leading Actress
Jennifer Lawrence – ‘Winter’s Bone’

In all honesty, Best Leading Actress is easily the worst category this year seeing as only 2 of the 5 deserve a nomination. Although Natalie Portman is outstanding, it’s Lawrence who gets my vote. Her performance is relentless, emotive and she shows an elegance and grace of an actress double her age. A marvellous achievement. 

Best Supporting Actor
Geoffrey Rush – ‘The King’s Speech’

Rush is the best thing about the film and it’s unfair he’s been set aside. He plays Lionel with such charisma and charm that it’s impossible to take your eyes off him. He’s a sensational actor and deserves to win for this wonderful performance.

Best Supporting Actress
Hailee Steinfeld – ‘True Grit’
Now this is the best category of the year but Steinfeld is the star by a country mile. Melissa Leo is the frontrunner and undeservedly. Steinfeld’s portrayal of Mattie Ross is exquisite, accurate and breath-taking. All that talent from a 14 year old! She’s my actress of the year hands down.

Best Original Screenplay
‘Inception’ (Christopher Nolan)

Adventurous, exciting and immensely engaging; Nolan’s screenplay is a fine example of cinematic writing and he proves once again that he is the finest and most dedicated British filmmaker working today.

 Best Adapted Screenplay
‘The Social Network’ (Aaron Sorkin)
No problems with the frontrunner here either. Sorkin’s screenplay is acid-tongued, rapid-paced and down-right hilarious. He’s turned ‘The Accidental Billionaires’ (which I’ve read) into a hugely quotable and loveable tale. The best adapted screenplay for a very long time.

Best Director
Joel and Ethan Coen – ‘True Grit’
The Coen’s latest is not only my favourite film of 2011 so far, but easily the most accomplished in its direction. It’s glorious vast spaces, dust-soaked streets and staggering naturalistic imagery makes this film a visual treat.

Best Animated Feature
‘Toy Story 3’ (dir: Lee Unkrich, 2010)
Although I’d love ‘The Illusionist’ to win too, it’s this film that has to win. Incredibly moving, heart-warming and bursting with beauty, this incredible film wraps up the finest trilogy in cinema history.

Roger Deakins – ‘True Grit’
The cinematography here is utterly breath-taking and absorbs the audience like no other. Laced with awe-inspiring wilderness shots and gorgeous weather-soaked locations, Deakins provides probably his best work here.

Best Documentary Feature
‘Exit through the Gift Shop’ (dir/s: Banksy/Jamie D’Cruz, 2010)
Not only is this a hugely entertaining and enjoyable film, doesn’t everyone want to see Banksy collect an Oscar? How bizarre would that be? This is a great documentary filled with incredible art and a wonderful soundtrack.

Visual Effects

Surely I don’t need to explain this?

‘Black Swan’
Choppy, intricate and claustrophobic are the words that spring to mind. The editing’s pace is as fragmented as this incredible picture.

Best Original Score
‘Inception’ – Hans Zimmer

Thrashing percussion complimented by elegant strings makes the music a huge asset to the incredible atmospheric world of the picture. Zimmer is a fantastic composer and this score is up there with his best.

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