Sunday, 13 March 2011

5 Reasons to Love...

Still from 'Taken' (dir: Pierre Morel, 2008)

1.      His age – Even at 58, Neeson is still churning out numerous pictures annually which puts other actors half his age to shame.
2.      He used to drive fork-lift trucks for Guinness – That’s pretty cool in my books. A Northern Irishman working with Guinness? Well I never...
3.      Everyone can enjoy him, even you’re Mum – With such a lengthy career that spans virtually every film genre, everybody can have a bit of Neeson. There’s ‘Taken’ (dir: Pierre Morel, 2008) for the boys, ‘Love, Actually’ (dir: Richard Curtis, 2003) for the girls and ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’ franchise (2005 - present) for the children, and these are just some of the more recent pictures.
4.      He has a cameo in ‘The Hangover Part 2’He will be popping up as a tattoo artist who apparently is smothered with cheesy Irish-based ink. Sounds awesome.
5.      He is an absolute BAD-ASS – No further comment necessary.

'Unknown' is in cinemas now - Cert: 12A

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