Tuesday, 15 March 2011

New Bits and Bobs!

There's been some decent new content uploaded online recently so I thought I'd grab hold of it and whack it on Haydon's Movie House for all to see!

First up, Summit Entertainment have released the first 5 minutes of 'Source Code' for their Facebook group fans but of course it's made it's way onto YouTube so I've ripped it onto the site. I'm so excited for this movie and this only adds to that emotion!

Secondly, there's a really cool new animated short out for the release of 'Sucker Punch'. It's called 'The Trenches' and it acts as almost a brief prequel to the movie. It's beautiful and sinister so check it out here:

Thirdly, if you're a 'Harry Potter' fan like myself, you should check out a new website called 'Harry Potter: The Quest' which allows fans to gain online points by playing games and downloading items and then unlock special content such as behind-the-scenes videos and more. It's good fun and has loads to do on it! Click the image below to enter the site:

And finally, I've recently started a Facebook group and a petition to get the cinema back in Whitstable, Kent. I will be talking to local MPs and the council about this matter and over the Easter I will be collecting signatures. If everyone who's interested could join the Facebook group and get their friends and family to do too that would be a great help!

Here's the link:
Many thanks and enjoy! :)

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