Wednesday, 9 May 2012

'American Reunion' Review

American Reunion (dir/s: Jon Hurwitz/Hayden Schlossberg, 2012) Cert: 15

Key Questions:

Is it funny? Yes.

But is it really or are you just being nice? Nope it's generally a great comedy.

Does the concept still work with thirtysomethings? Sure does.

Is it better than the first? Probably not.

Better than the second? Hell no Bromeo.

And the third? I'd say so.

Should I ask about the other ones? Don't, just don't.

Does Jim's Dad steal the show? Obviously.

And I'm guessing Laid plays at some point? Of course it does - the James original I think.

Chris Klein still bad? Yeah kinda, but he's fucking stacked. Tickets to the gun show.

And Jason Biggs still looks like Adam Sandler huh? Yup, there's even a gag or two about it.

Reckon any more sequels? No comment.

Would you buy it? On Blu-Ray fo'sho.


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