Sunday, 9 September 2012

LFF 2012: Top 5 to See

If you visit this site often, you'll know the BFI London Film Festival is on it's way and I for one cannot wait. This year has seen a big change in the programming with many films being separated in categories including 'Love', 'Thrill', 'Family' and 'Dare' as well as the usual Gala screenings, Competition pictures and Special Screenings. With other 200 movies this year, there is at least 65 films I would love to see during the festival. The likelihood of this is fucking minimal obviously but still...

 Anyway, out of the huge list (which doesn't feature The Master!), here's the five films I psychically have to see...


(dir: Ben Affleck - USA)

With a fantastic cast, a director on-top of his game and a genuinely thrilling narrative premise, Argo looks like a winner. This is Ben's first steps away from Boston and judging from early word and trailers, this is going to be a highlight at LFF.


Beasts of the Southern Wild
(dir: Benh Zeitlin - USA)

I stupidly missed this at Cannes but I won't at LFF. It's been showered with praise since early 2012 and it sits highly on many top 10 lists for the year. The trailer looks harmonious and gorgeous and I cannot wait to take this journey.


(dir: Craig Zobel - USA)

"Taut", "tense", "terrifying" - these are many of the words that feature in the abundance of grade A reviews for Zobel's thriller which is inspired by true events. I've done a lot to stay away from as much information regarding the plot but I simply cannot wait to see this one.


End of Watch
(dir: David Ayer - USA)

This has been on my anticipation list for months now and I cannot believe it is playing  in Competition at LFF. End of Watch looks like a cinematic adrenaline shot to the heart littered with brilliant performers and such wonderful uses of modern camera and filmic technologies. Some of the trailer above looks like a first person shooter video game and that's just BAD ASS.


Simon Killer
(dir: Antonio Campos - USA/France)

I'm actually surprised a Campos movie is my most anticipated of the festival because I absolutely HATED, in fact DETESTED his d├ębut Afterschool - I thought it was the biggest load of pretentious shit I've endured for years and Ezra Miller had the screen presence of a flannel but his follow-up, Simon Killer which stars the fabulous and underrated Brady Corbet looks phenomenal. The film sadly doesn't have a trailer yet but from what I've seen, my appetite is certainly wet. It's also produced by the team behind Martha Marcy May Marlene which is still one of the year's best films, if not the best, and that too featured Corbet so high-fives all round. Simon Killer looks like filthy, edgy gold.

Other Movies in my Must-See List:

After Lucia (dir: Michel Franco - Mexico/Spain)

Blacanieves (dir: Pablo Berger - Spain)

Robot & Frank (dir: Jake Schreier - USA)

Beyond the Hills (dir: Cristian Mungiu - Romania/France/Belgium)

Wasteland (dir: Rowan Athale - UK)

Frankenweenie 3D (dir: Tim Burton - USA)

Celeste and Jesse Forever (dir: Lee Toland Krieger - USA)

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