Monday, 13 September 2010

DVD of the Week - 13th September 2010

DVD of the Week - 13th September

Well it's another week and as always, Monday brings us the new DVD releases! Here's my DVD pick of the week!

'Date Night' is a hilarious Action-Comedy starring Tina Fey ('30 Rock') and Steve Carell ('The 40 Year Old Virgin'). The film follows the Fosters, a couple stuck in a rut who spend their weekly date night at the same restaurant eating the same meal. They are bored and tired of their lives and want to spice things up a bit. When they head to New York and steal a dinner reservation at a top restaurant, they are mistaken for the Tripplehorns, a couple wanted by gangsters. Now the Fosters go on the run, filling their dull relationship with adrenaline and excitement.

This film is side-splitting, heart-felt and brilliant. Fey is wonderful as always and Carell is on top-form.
'Date Night' is a fantastic comedy that all audiences can enjoy!

'Date Night' is available from Play for £11.99!

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