Tuesday, 7 September 2010

DVD of the Week - 7th September

DVD of the Week - 7th September 2010

So last week I selected the wonderful BBC Show 'Sherlock' as my DVD pick of the week, and I hope some of you either watched the show or purchased the DVD! :)
This week, I have two picks for you! One film and one television show!

Film of the Week

'Kick-Ass' is the outstanding Graphic Novel adaptation from director Matthew Vaughn ('Layer Cake') that stars Aaron Johnson, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Mark Strong, Chole Grace Mortez and Nicolas Cage.

Dave Lizewski (Johnson) is a typical High School geek who's socially lower down than others and is obsessed with comic books. He dreams of becoming his own superhero who aims to rid the streets of gangsters and crime; he calls himself 'Kick-Ass'. Dave's hero becomes an internet phenomena and soon he is approached by other fanatics who want to join forces with him.

It's a hilarious take on the common Comic Book/Superhero movie that bursts with comedy, chaos and controversy. It's gory, sweary and tons of fun. 'Kick-Ass' is one of 2010's best films and it's an utter must to own.
'Kick-Ass' is available on Play for £9.99 and it comes with limited edition art cards and packaging!
Television Show of the Week

The Doctor's final episodes of series 5 are now available on DVD! Matt Smith and Karen Gillan have breathed new life into the show and haven't followed in their predecessors footsteps. Matt's Doctor is utterly fantastic; he bursts with energy, knowledge and charisma. Amy Pond is easily one of the best companions ever on the show, she isn't love-sick for the Doctor, she's her own strong and independent woman, and together they make an unstoppable pair.

This volume contains the final 4 episodes including 'Vincent and the Doctor', 'The Lodger', 'The Pandorica Opens', and 'The Big Bang'.

All of these episodes are brilliantly made, executed and written, especially Steven Moffat's final two episodes and Richard Curtis' marvellous study of Vincent van Gogh.

A must buy for any Who fan!

'Doctor Who' Series 5 Volume 4 is available from Play for £10.99


  1. What US shows with there new series starting in Sept are you looking forward to? I am most looking forward to Smallville season 10, Chuck season 4, Stargate Universe season 2, 30 rock season 5.

  2. Quite a few man! I'm mainly excited for Smallville season 10 and 30 Rock season 5 too but also True Blood season 4 when that starts and Southland season 3!

    Can't wait for new Smallville though, that's the one I'm most looking forward too!

  3. Ah man smallville will be unreal have you seen the trailer where lois takes the suit outve a box like it was OMFG MO

  4. Ha yeah man it's insane! :)
    Apparently Lionel is gonna be in season 10 too according to SFX magazine! :)
    Can't wait to get season 9 on DVD!