Saturday, 4 September 2010

Teaser Trailer for 'Buried'

Teaser Trailer for 'Buried' Online

Surely an Indie Thriller starring Ryan Reynolds trapped in a coffin for 90 minutes can't be true, right?
...........Yeah it's true.
Mr. Reynolds, who soon will be gracing our screens as DC Comics 'Green Lantern' has had a go at making a low-budget shocker, something which film fans never guessed would happen.
However, don't let Reynolds hold you back from seeing this film when it's released on 24th September because 'Buried' looks stylistically fantastic and gives of vibes that this will be an unbearable cinematic experience.

Check out the gruelling but brilliant teaser trailer here!
Claustrophobics, you have been warned!


  1. I am really looking forward to this film as I believe the story will be very good and i think that Ryan Rynolds is a great actor who can hold an audiences attention just like Will Smith did in I Am Leg and Colin Farrell in Phone Booth

  2. Yeah me too, I think this will be a surprise hit with audiences!
    I like Ryan Reynolds too and he's definately become a better actor over the last few years.
    'Phone Booth' was a brilliant picture that showed how unimportant a budget really is and I'm certain that 'Buried' will re-enforce that idea too