Wednesday, 8 September 2010

'This is England '86' - What did you Think?

'This is England '86' - What did you Think?

Shane Meadows' television debut hit Channel 4 last night and invited audiences to spend a little more time with the wonderful characters of the Skinhead world he created for us in 2006 with his Social Realism picture, 'This is England'.

Meadows said he didn't think another big-screen adventure was appropriate for these characters and placing them onto the small screen was the way forward. I couldn't agree more, having 4 more hours with Shaun (Thomas Turgoose), Woody (Joe Gilgun), Lol (Vicky McClure), Meggy (Perry Benson) and the rest of the gang sounds perfect to me.

I loved last night's first episode; it didn't dwell on past events and enforce the film onto the viewer. This is a new show with a new narrative and even though the movie is a critical cog in the show, I feel this has its own legs to stand on. I think people who haven't seen 'This is England' will still be able to make a connection with these characters as they are so well grounded. They work like a family, moving each other forward and picking one up when another is down; it's a really beautiful thing to watch.

For me, last night's star was McClure. She puts her heart and soul into the character of Lol and its shows clearly through her characters actions and her stellar performance.

What I'd like to know is what you thought of it? Do you think it does the film justice to carry on its story or do you think it's just a silly idea? Who was your favourite character and why?

Post a comment on the blog and tell me your thoughts! :)

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