Tuesday, 14 June 2011

If you watch only one film this week...

Make it this one...

nil by mouth, baader meinhof, movie posters

Gary Oldman's incredible 'Nil by Mouth' (1997) is on TONIGHT at 11:05pm on Film 4 and you would be a fool to miss it.

 Unbelievably powerful, thought-provoking and emotional, Oldman's tale based on his own past experiences sheds light on a poverty stricken South East London council estate dominated by substance abuse, domestic violence and street crime. I won't lie - it's a tough watch, but it's immensely rewarding with it's pitch-perfect script, lashings of dark humour that compliment the brash violence and it's sheer intelligence. Many knock Ray Winstone but his performance here is phenomenal, as is the brilliant Kathy Burke's. 

 This is a 'proper' modern Social Realism film and it's one that any film fan should endure. 

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