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The 69th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Live Blog

The 69th Golden Globe Awards - The Live Blog

It's here! Tonight on Haydon's Movie House, we will be taking you through The 69th Golden Globe Awards live online, so grab a pot of coffee and get ready for a late night of film fun!

0:58am - Watched an hour of Red Carpet coverage now. Starting to feel my brain rot. Kelly Osbourne is providing fashion advice despite having dyed her hair grey. Just want the awards to begin now.

1:00am - More adverts. This time focusing on the Kardashians. Sad times.

1:05am - THE AWARDS HAVE BEGUN! Ricky Gervais has begun with a wonderful Jodie Foster Beaver joke. Tina Fey doesn't look impressed. Heck, I laughed. High hopes for his hosting tonight.

1:07am - Gervais shuns Johnny Depp about The Tourist - yeah, he's right, it's pretty terrible. Now he's talking about Hugo with a rather lovely VT attached.

1:09am - Gerard Butler and Mila Kunis announce the nominations for Best Supporting Actor - Drama. Jonah Hill is no longer fat.

1:11am - Christopher Plummer wins the Golden Globe for Beginners.

1:12am - The stream on E! is simply terrible - adverts cutting in during speeches. Awful.

1:14am - Laura Dern wins the Golden Globe for some TV thing.

1:17am - Sixth advert for the Kardashians in 20 minutes. Rarely do I swear on this site but FUCKING HELL.

1:19am - Rob Lowe (sporting the worst fake tan ever) and Julianne Moore are presenting the nominations for Best TV Mini Series.

1:22am - Downtown Abbey wins the Golden Globe. RIGHTLY SO.

1:24am - Back to Lowe and Moore for more nominations, this time Best Actress in TV Mini Series.

1:25am - Kate Winslet wins the Golden Globe for Mildred Pierce.

1:27am - Frida Pinto has introduced Midnight in Paris. Brilliant film.

1:28am - More adverts. Starting to lose interest now.

1:33am - Jake Gyllenhaal has popped in to introduce My Week with Marilyn. Going to get myself a coffee now.

1:35am - Gervais is chatting rubbish again. Still, he's entertaining enough. Nominations for Best Actor in a TV Series now.

1:36am - Kelsey Grammer wins the Golden Globe for Boss. Surprised Steve Buscemi or Bryan Cranston didn't win. Now the noms for Best TV Series - Drama.

1:38am - Homeland wins the Golden Globe.

1:42am - More blooming adverts. Here's a picture of Berenice Bejo from the Red Carpet, just because I'm in love with her.

1:44am - Trailer for Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. Still looks unbelievably bad.

1:45am - Nominations for Best Score coming in from Jimmy Fallon. Come on The Artist. Or War Horse. Or Hugo....

1:46am - The Artist wins the Golden Globe. My prediction was right! Bource provided such magical work on this masterpiece. 

1:49am - Nominations for Best Original Song. Fingers crossed Elton John doesn't win. Jesus.

1:50am - Masterpiece by Madonna for W.E. wins the Golden Globe. Kinda wish Elton won now.

1:53am - Have a guess? Yeah, your right. More adverts. No wonder American shows are on air for so long. 

1:56am - The Dark Lord Himself just had a dig at Madonna on Twitter. Good times. I've drank my coffee and need a refill.

1:58am - More nominations for some TV award - Best Actor in a TV Series I believe.

1:58am - Idris Elba wins the Golden Globe for Luther. How lovely. Nice speech too.

2:00am - Brad Pitt (who is sporting a walking stick and awful hair) introduces The Ides of March - loved the movie. Amongst my LFF highlights. Now Seth Rogen and Kate Beckinsale provide the nominations for Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical.

2:03am - Michelle Williams wins the Golden Globe for My Week with MarilynNeither a comedy or musical mind you...

2:04am - These adverts are doing my head in. Here's a picture of Kate Beckinsale who is looking fabulous.

2:08am - Buffy has come out to announce the nominees for Best Supporting Actor in a TV Mini Series.

2:09am - Peter Dinklage wins the Golden Globe for Game of Thrones. And yes, he is the dwarf. Don't be mean.

2:12am - George Clooney (with pimp-stick) has come out to introduce Moneyball. He is such a cool dude. Cool movie too.

2:13am - Beautiful Jessica Alba and Channing Tatum provide the nominees for Best Animated Film. Come on Tintin.

2:15am - The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn wins the Golden Globe. I'm thrilled. 

2:17am - Sensing a pattern with these adverts. Not sure how many more I can take. Eyes are feeling heavy now. Big awards need to speed up.

2:21am - Ewan McGregor is nattering about 50/50 - such a good film.

2:22am - Now a proper award. Nicole Kidman and co present Best Screenplay

2:23am - Woody Allen wins the Golden Globe for Midnight in Paris. WOOH!

2:24am - William H. Macy looks like a child molester with that beard-hair combo. Nominees for Best Actress in a TV Series.

2:25am - Jessica Lange wins the Golden Globe for American Horror Story. Not interested really.

2:26am - More adverts. Getting annoyed with this broadcast. Also tired and hungry. NEED 2am snack.

2:31am - Gervais jokes about Madonna's virginity. She then asks him for sex. HORRID. I want my mummy. Now she's introducing the nominees for Best Foreign Language Film and claims she has a vast knowledge of World Cinema. I do not believe you Madge.

2:32am - A Separation wins the Golden Globe. OBVIOUSLY.

2:34am - Dustin Hoffman is in the house. Shame he's announcing another blooming TV award, this time Best Actress in a TV Drama.

2:35am - Claire Danes wins the Golden Globe for Homeland.

2:38am - KRAFT CHEESE. That's what the show is sponsored by. Hmmmm.

2:42am - AHHHHH it's Emily Blunt! She's introducing Bridesmaids and talking about excreting. Charming.

2:43am - AHHHHHH! It's Tina Fey (looking divine) and Jane Lynch providing the nominees for Best Actor in a TV Comedy or Musical.

2:45am - Matt LeBlanc wins the Golden Globe for Episodes. Surprised. I did enjoy that show though.

2:47am - Bradley Cooper provides the list for Best Supporting Actress - such a tight category.

2:47am - Octavia Spencer wins the Golden Globe for The Help. Really loved her in it, but wanted Bejo to win, or Woodley.

2:51am - I'm doing this rather a lot:

2:55am - The beautiful Reese Witherspoon introduces The Descendants - one of my favourite films of recent months.

2:56am - Sidney Poitier has entered the ceremony to grant the brilliant Morgan Freeman with his Cecil B. DeMille Award for Lifetime Achievement in the film industry. A big 'AHH' all round. Lovely, if somewhat overdrawn speech from Poitier too.

2:58am - Helen Mirren is making tame jokes about Freeman. It's rather cute actually. She presents a VT of Freeman's work. Some of the videos are amazing. A young freeman washing himself in a casket with fangs is a highlight. 

3:05am - Freeman's speech is tender, sincere and amusing - all of which was expected to be honest.

3:07am - Wishing all the big awards weren't at the end of the show. Really feeling tired now. I want to give into pressure and sleep but I also want to push through and finish this blog.

3:11am - Robert Downey Jr. beautifully introduces The Artist. God I hope it takes home the Best Motion Picture in it's category.

3:13am - The gorgeous Angelina Jolie provides the nominees for Best Director. Here we GO!

3:14am - Martin Scorsese wins the Golden Globe for Hugo. Another prediction right!

3:16am - Gervais is back and introducing Selma Hayek and Antonio Banderes. Overall, Ricky hasn't been that funny tonight - barely featured and is clearly restricted by what he can say. The pair present the nominees for Best TV show - Comedy or Musical. Do not care.

3:18am - Modern Family wins the Golden Globe. Thank God it beat Glee anyway.

3:20am - After the break, Marky Mark minus the Funky Bunch and Jessica Biel will announce the nominees for Best Actor - Comedy or Musical. Jean Dujardin HAS TO WIN...

3:24am - Oh, but first Michelle Pfeiffer introduces the brilliant War Horse. I hope it does well.

3:25am - Jean Dujardin wins the Golden Globe for The Artist. YAY!!

3:32am - Queen Latifah "MMMMHHHHMM" introduces The Help - a truly touching and heart-warming picture.

3:33am - Gervais is drunk and now Colin Firth is taking the stage. Gervais has accused him of racism and hurting cats. I'll never look at Firth the same way again.....Anyway, he provides the nominees for Best Actress - Drama. My guess is another win for The Help .

3:35am - Meryl Streep wins the Golden Globe for The Iron Lady. I was wrong then.

3:38am - Passing shot of Tilda Swinton who looks like a blonde Jeremy Beadle. Ha.

3:40am - JANE FONDA is here with the nominations for Best Motion Picture - Comedy or Musical. Crossing my fingers for The Artist.

3:41am - The Artist wins the Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture. I am OVER THE MOON.

3:42am - Lovely speech for The Artist. Guess whose on stage too?

3:49am - Gervais introduces the wonderful Natalie Portman (whose looking lovely) with the nominees for Best Actor - Drama. I'm rooting for Fassbender but would be happy with Clooney or Gosling.

3:50am - George Clooney wins the Golden Globe for The Descendants. FANTASTIC and much deserved. Hope Fassbender takes an award away for Shame this season as his performance is masterful. Clooney gives a witty and charming speech. Got big love for him.

3:55am - Harrison Ford comes out with the big award for Best Motion Picture - Drama. Such a tough category but The Descendants/War Horse has my vote.

3:56am - The Descendants wins the Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture - Drama. Rightly so - it's a masterpiece. Came in the top half of my favourite films of 2011. Cannot wait to see this incredible movie again.

4:00am - That's it! All over for another year. Now, I'm going to bed. NIGHT WORLD.

Thank you to all that joined me and hope you enjoyed my coverage of The 69th Golden Globe Awards!

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