Thursday, 5 January 2012

Harry Potter: A Cinematic Congratulation

It's the most financially successful film franchise in box-office history and the most financially successful film franchise in DVD/Blu-Ray sales, and rightly so. The adventures of a young orphaned wizard and his fight for survival and justice has captured the heart, spirit and imagination of millions across the globe. But despite anyone's individual opinions towards the Harry Potter film series and whether they care for it or not, it truly deserves congratulation for such a staggering cinematic achievement, and one is not talking about money in this context.

 Over a 10 year period, Warner Bros. and Heyday Films have released eight feature films, clocking a staggering 1178 minutes, that adapt the seven Harry Potter novels penned by the incredible J.K Rowling. What's all the more impressive is the sheer consistency of the pictures - franchises or sagas that run for this length always fall short or lose footing at some point, yet these films rarely put a foot wrong and progress dramatically in various areas throughout the decade. 

 The acting improves, the set designs and cinematography rapidly escalate, the tone and mood is forever evolving - each individual aspect makes up a film which once added to the rest of the series, makes a vital and magical component in an unforgettable and totally remarkable movie-going feat, and to top it all off, it's British.

 Sure, it's made with dollars rather than sterling but the world of Harry Potter and it's creation was born from British soil and has changed the way the wider world views our cinematic outlet. Some snotty-nosed folk will preach that the pictures have damaged the British film industry when they could not be further from the truth. The films have expanded audiences, boosted tourism and made us stiff competition with the Hollywood outputs. 

 Admittedly, one is incredibly bias due to adoring the Harry Potter books and pictures yet personal taste should not void or taint any praise the series deserves - these films are a landmark in audio-visual entertainment and are worthy of respect. One believes the likelihood of another film franchise replicating the magic and sheer consistancy of Harry Potter is virtually impossible and for that reason, I applaud the cast, crew and all involved in bringing Rowling's majestic world to the silver screen. 

 Kudos Mr. Potter, no more broom cupboards for you...

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