Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Depressed for a Nation

As you all know, Michel Hazanavicius' masterpiece The Artist was crowned as Haydon's Movie House Best Film of 2011 - it's without a doubt the most joyous, beautiful and uplifting cinematic experience one has had for many-a-year.

 The film has barely been out of the press for the last two months and it's racking up an array of nominations and awards at the major film ceremonies in 2012. In fact, it's been so greatly publicised and debated that surely any human being with either a television, an internet connection or a spare 40p to pick up a newspaper would know about the film and it's format right? Well not in Britain. 

 After the truly jaw-dropping story of an idiotic woman in the USA who attempted to sue the producers of Drive because she thought she was seeing a film similar to The Fast and the Furious franchise, one hoped no more of these ridiculous stories would surface but now it's Blighty's turn to pile on the stupidity and indeed arrogance; in fact, I think this is worse than the Drive incident. 

 According to The Daily Telegraph, a series of people, particularly in Northern England have made complaints  to their cinemas and demanded refunds after seeing The Artist because of the lack of words. A LACK OF WORDS. Apparently a group of viewers from a Liverpool-based Odeon had no idea it was a silent film and were disgruntled at it's lack of dialogue and visual formatting. 

 It saddens me to think that some people are capable of such mindlessness and lack of appreciation. So sorry to the wider world - we aren't all simple-minded.

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