Monday, 20 August 2012


SHOCK HORROR. I've only just seen Pixar's Brave despite being the studio's biggest fan (I even wrote my university dissertation on Toy Story for goodness sake) but fear not, my verdict is finally here...

 After some pretty mixed reviews and the majority of audiences expecting a lot from the film that follows in Cars 2's rather poorly worn tyre-tracks, it's fair to say Brave has had a pretty tough few weeks in the US and the UK but perhaps the worst thing is that it doesn't warrant any of this.

 Brave is one of the most beautiful, wonderful and compelling animated films I have ever seen. Every single frame screams with detail, emotion and magic; it's a 100 minute work of art that has to be seen to be believed. The movement of Merida's hair, the crashing of water against rocks, the sun-shadows that sparkle in the eye - it's simply incredible in every production area possible.

 The score is perfect, as is the cinematography, the characters are fantastic and the twist is gleefully surprising. It actually angers me to think that some people believe this is 'art'...

...when you can simply pop down to your local multiplex and see this; actual art. Something that has actually taken effort, time, construction and formulating. Something composed with beauty, talent, intelligence and patience. Which image looks better? The above or this...

A scene from Brave - Looking over an ancient castle with Scottish mountains in the background


 This is not just a fanboy praising a film from a studio he loves so dearly, this is actually a message to all those imbeciles who still don't think cinema is artistic. Companies like Pixar and directors like Christopher Nolan are out there with their middle fingers up proving you wrong. Brave is an audacious, rousing and sumptuous movie-going experience and it's quite possibly the best film of 2012 so far. Oh, and the short film before called La Luna is a masterwork. Check out a brief clip below.

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