Monday, 13 August 2012

Bourne to be Brave? Well, you'd better Take This Waltz then.

This week sees two big cinema releases and one not so big, however please do not let The Bourne Legacy and Brave stamp over your chances of seeing Sarah Polley's beautifully human Take This Waltz

 Michelle Williams has had a rough few years with movie roles; she was a wife to a closet homosexual cowboy, a pill-popping movie star, a wife so close to breaking point it was unbearable, a 19th Century settler with not even a drop of fresh water and now she's Margot; a young married woman whose immediate attraction to her unbeknown neighbour starts to drive a wedge between her home and romantic life whilst playing further havoc with her impossibly timid and paranoid nature.

 Take This Waltz never shies away from home truths and realities - it has a heart vibrantly beating with honesty throughout, a cast who underplay with such subtleties that it's often hard to distinguish reality from fiction and it paints a poetic yet emotionally draining portrait of what it means to be in love and why. Plus the film's startlingly frank and refreshingly exemplary attitudes towards naturalised nudity as well as sexuality is another vital asset in making Polley's second feature film as down-to-earth and understated as the rest of the components.    

 Williams provides one of the finest performances in her pretty brilliant career, whilst Seth Rogen's role of chicken cookbook author and unsuspecting husband Lou is delicately quaint and all the better for it. The supporting cast are equally great, in particular Sarah Silverman who balances great comedic timing with a dense and rich layer of melancholy. 

 I'm ever so glad I stumbled across this little gem and I sincerely hope many of you can find the time to see it. It's one of 2012's best films so don't let it slip through those fingertips. Right, now go and see Jeremy Renner not being Jason Bourne and Kelly MacDonald definitely being a CGI Scot...

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