Friday, 4 November 2011

The Best and Worst Films of 2011 - Your Say!

It won't be long before I upload my best and worst pictures of the year to the site and probably to one of the other publications I write for (keep your eyes peeled) - but I thought it would be a nice idea if you lot could send me your lists and I will place them in all their glory on Haydon's Movie House.

This is how it will work: 
1. Anybody can send me their lists and they can consist of any movies from the year - so if 'Just Go With It' is your highlight of the year, put it as that. Don't worry about what others may think of your choices.

2. Please select 5 top and 5 bottom films, each with a brief sentence/paragraph about why you liked/disliked them. Again, it's completely fine to say something like "It's really funny and made me laugh" for example; this is not a language contest or a writing test.

3. Please send me your lists via e-mail ( along with your name and location by December 4th. 

That's it! So get thinking, get writing and send your lists along to me! Thank you!

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