Wednesday, 16 November 2011


Last week, the first teaser trailer and a collection of beautiful posters for 'Snow White and the Huntsman' appeared online and us critics got excited - I posted about it and you can read it here. Anyway, now the rival Snow White feature, 'Mirror, Mirror' has released it's trailer, and well...let's just say K-Stew's picture looks a lot better. 

 Director Tarsem Singh, who has just released his audience-dividing feature 'Immortals' claims his Snow White adaptation is a dark and gritty take on the Brothers Grimm's classic fairy-tale but actually his and Relativity Media's first trailer looks more 'Panto' than 'Punchy'. I guess he got his film confused with 'Huntsman'...

 You can view the trailer below for yourself and post a comment below explaining your thoughts or jump on Twitter (@Haydonsmovies) and join in all the hate. As it currently stands, if there was a fight to the death between these two films, Stewart's Snow White would bring her blood-drenched sword and Lily Collins would clutch her hairspray.


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