Tuesday, 29 November 2011

FILMCLUB - Get Involved!

Yesterday afternoon, the website and educational charity FILMCLUB supplied fans with a live video interview for 'Hugo' in which stars Asa Butterfield and Chloe Grace Moretz attended to answer questions. The difference with this interview however was that the majority of questions were submitted from school children of a variety of ages.

 FILMCLUB allows children and indeed their schools to become educationally involved with cinema and view it as an academic form as well as an artistic or entertainment source. Seeing as I personally studied film throughout school and to degree level, this is something that's very dear to me. All too often, the study of cinema is snubbed for being 'false' or 'lazy' when actually it's as equally valid and complex as say English Literature - rather than studying a novel as text, you study a picture as text. Readings and all kinds of educational theories pour from movies and it is wonderful to see an organization addressing this to a wider academic audience.

 Children are far more cine-literature than ever before and FILMCLUB clearly want to embrace that. If you or your child has an interest in cinema, or if you yourself are a film professional, you can join for free over at the website (the top banner is linked) and become part of a great and growing community. 

 My question asked to Moretz was answered in rather lovely fashion and I believe a transcript of the interview will be available online shortly.

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